A Tale of Twelve Travelers
Despite the long flight everyone seemed quite jolly
arriving at J'burg we searched for a trolley.
we collected our bags from carousel 4
Then made our way to the exit door
Going through customs we joined a short queue
scanning our eyes for Golf Get You!
Then Fiona we ...., she held up a board
So off to Domestic, our bags to unload
The flight down to Durban didn't take us too long
But once on the bus we needed air-con.

The game reserve at Hluhlawe was our first port of call
And the spying of animals was the aim of us all.
With Temba's safe driving there was no need to panic
The views from hiltop were simply panoramic
F....said smiling, "30 min to unpack - what's the fuss
Then once again ....., you're back on the bus"
We looked and we looked and much to our suprise
Lo and behold, we found the big five!

We headed for Shakaland, the hotel was unique
The room's were too hot to get a night's sleep.
The Zulu's were real, just like on telly
But the Chief was outdone by David's big belly!
The spear makers art was the next to be shown
But Annie just wanted to take the 2 kids home!

Arriving late in Durban Tom got a paddy
But Fiona said "no need to panic, I've booked you a caddy"
The first game at Durban was played in the heat
And everyone soon realized Paul was the one to beat.
We headed into Durban to complete the day's trip
And everyone enjoyed dinner aboard "The Phantom Ship"
Next morning at the Marina a photo call for us,
But nobody wanted to get off the bus.

We headed for Pumula, we heard it was a peach
Well "my heaven on earth" it was right on the beach!
We played three more courses each picked with .... ........
But everyone agreed the views were simply stunning.
We breakfasted early, off by 8 was a must
And you've guessed it, again folks we're back on the bus".

This traveling by bus was taking it's toll
But all she would say was "let's rock and roll".
Now today at Champagne we had a real treat
But trying to keep her quiet was no mean ....
We played and played and not to be outdone
Our Fiona was the nearest to a hole in one!

Leaving early on Thursday we all .......
So once again folks we're back on the bus.
Now as I close this little ....
Our holiday's nearly over more's the ....
Now Africa was fun, its certainly a must
But we're all glad to see the back of that bloody bus.

Now Fiona we thank you, we've had a great laugh
And hope you remember us all for the ....!!

"Hi Fiona, We had such a wonderful evening last night and everything was absolutely perfect THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your driver Bongani was a star and got us there and back safely. Fiona can I please ask a favour of you would you please e-mail me an Invoice made out to Masonite Africa Ltd for the bus Once again many many thanks. Kind regards Jenny Venton."

"Goeie dag, Baie dankie vir die goeie diens met die bespreking van die bus en die vervoer van die personeel na Ushaka. Baie dankie" Suzanne Maritz

Besprekings ATKV-Drakensville  Vakansieoord  E-pos:



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